We cultivate exemplary citizens whose decisions reflect respect, responsibility, trustworthiness, caring, fairness, citizenship, and environmental awareness.




Welcome to the Bureche School website!
Bureche School is proud to have encouraged 16 years of excellence in education.
The school’s hard work has led to our accreditation by SACS-AdvancED and ISO 9001. 
We provide our students with a U.S. High School Diploma and a Colombian Bachillerato Diploma. 
We not only encourage students in academic excellence, but to be competitive world citizens, who care about the environment, and demonstrate values. We are committed to creating a better world. 
We are a school where differences are valued, and every students  learning rhythm is respected. 
Take a tour of our site, and use the opportunity to get to know the Bureche family. We hope you visit us!


Student Governement

The School Government is the maximum authority of the school It is comprised by the Consejo Directivo Institucional in which representatives of all the school.

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National Honor Society

The National Honor Society is established in the United States and is conformed by students that have been invited to become part of it due to their academic grades.

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