About Us - Bureche School

We offer an integrated academic program in English and Spanish that develops the maximum potential of each student according to his or her own learning style and rhythm.  We cultivate exemplary citizens whose decisions reflect respect, responsibility, trustworthiness, caring, fairness, citizenship, and environmental awareness.

Our vision is to be recognized on a national and international level as a leading academic and socially responsible institution that stands out for cultivating exemplary citizens who have a great regard and respect for Colombian cultural identity, are globally competitive, love to learn, and are capable of making moral and ethical decisions. 

Colegio Bureche is committed to continually improve the integrated English and Spanish education program for each student, strengthen their learning, develop their values, and secure their voice in the community.  This commitment is achieved by guaranteeing a positive and collaborative organizational climate and by providing effective professional development, efficient communication, and management that ensures the availability of all resources.

The Bureche Curricula runs through twelve grade levels, forming a seamless program aligned to and exceeding the requirements of the Colombian Ministry of Education.

Education in Bureche is standards based and modelled on the Common Core system. Teachers constantly track each individual student´s progress ensuring understanding and learning, maximizing every student’s potential. Bureche students work with American textbooks and workbooks that are imported yearly. Bureche is a bilingual school and the majority of a child’s day is spent in an English environment. Understanding and love for their Colombian culture is affirmed through reading, literature, social studies and Colombian studies classes taught in Spanish. Students have access to a wide range of textbooks, reference books, stories, manipulative and interactive software. Every classroom is connected to the school's wi-fi. 

The academic program is rich in projects and events challenging students to apply and develop their newfound abilities in real and rewarding environments. Throughout the year children can look forward to displaying their skills to parents and the community in moments like the Science Fair, Model United Nations, Speech Contest, Technology and Art Fair.

During the school year students and parents receive four formal progress reports. In cases of delayed academic success, parents and students receive additional support from the Learning Center. New students receive additional tutoring in English and support from the English as a Second Language team.

Psychologist Aliciana Solano, owner of Jardin Bureche, founded Bureche School in the year 2000. She felt the need to extend her program and create an accredited bilingual school in Santa Marta. With a group of psychologists and educators, she opened kindergarten, first and second grade. Today, Bureche School is a k-12 school, accredited by AdvancED-SACS/CASI and by ISO 9001.

Bureche School is located on the Troncal del Caribe. The school is recognized and approved by the Colombian Ministry of Education. It is a private coeducational school directed by a Board of Directors.